embracing the chaos

Building a product based on the idea of a metaverse is not an easy feat. To be successful, I had to embrace its fluid nature and design an information architecture that is flexible, scalable, and unblocks collaborators. This involves an incredible amount of collaboration with every team working on the product.



Our product is an ecosystem of different device platforms, entry points, user types, roles, and scenarios. This means the HUD UI will have countless variants co-existing. My priority is to design a way to systematically and meaningfully display the right combination of controls, at the right moment, in a familiar pattern. This not only helps engineers create an infrastructure with it, but also for collaborators to understand how to design their features on the HUD UI.

Due to the nature of the project, I can only show and talk about things that have already been publicly announced. I appreciate your understanding. To read the official article on Mesh, click here.


Thank you

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