Motion REEL

This reel was made before my switch from being a Motion Graphics Artist over to XR Designer. It contained work samples from my time at Razorfish, Spontaneous and college. The main software that I used are Cinema 4D and Adobe Creative Suite. Some other tools that I used were World Machine, X-Particles, Red Giant suite, Octane Render, and Substance.


100 DAYS OF renders

Mostly drawn by the tenacity of it, I'd decided to jump on the daily renders wagon to keep up with GPU rendering technology, using Octane as the renderer. It also gave me a space to hasten my creation speed and familiarity with Cinema 4D. I started doing them without a specific theme, but as I progressed I needed more structure, so I went with weekly themes. They range from food, landscapes, X-Particles, to the most popular 3D UI, which went viral with millions of views and landed me a job in HTC VIVE.


Thank you